1. Is it a special kind of paper we use?

No. We recommend you use memo or refill pads. Do not use sketch pads. Just remember the paper must be gummed along the top edge if you are using a folder. Also, don't use a very thick paper as the nib of the pen or pencil needs to make contact with the FREEHAND DESIGNER under the paper. 60-90 gsm weight paper is ideal.

2. Is it a special kind of pen?

No. You can use any good quality biro. A fine point pen gives the best results.

3. Can I use a pencil?

Yes. We recommend you use a hard lead mechanical or clutch pencil with a 0.5 lead

4. How can I replace the adhesive strips?

When the strips lose their' tackiness' this can be replenished by a ‘Lo Tack Adhesive Roller’. This is made by several manufacturers such as Pritt, Pelikan and we have our own brand.

You just run the lo tack adhesive roller onto the existing adhesive strip. These rollers can be purchased from ourselves or at any good stationery store, or you may order further adhesive strips from ourselves.

5. How long does the FREEHAND DESIGNER last ?

The FREEHAND DESIGNER is very tough and durable and will never wear out in normal use. The only way it can be damaged is by direct heat. For example if you left it on your dashboard in the sunlight or on top of a radiator the liner would warp. However we have many customers who have used their FREEHAND DESIGNERS for many years.

6. Do you give a no risk trial period, in which I can try the FREEHAND DESIGNER?

Yes, If you have only heard of the FREEHAND DESIGNER, and unsure whether it will be suitable we give a no risk 28 day refund, in the unlikely event you find it unsuitable.

7. Can I have my company details printed onto the FREEHAND DESIGNER.

Yes, see our Personalisation page.