Product Information

The FREEHAND DESIGNER is an invaluable drawing aid to Architects, Engineers, Builders, Designers, Surveyors, Students and anyone who needs to draw accurate freehand drawings.

The FREEHAND DESIGNER enables the user to draw perfectly straight lines, parallel lines and right angles onto paper.  It is invaluable when doing on-site drawings or sketches and you will find even when working in the office or workshop you will use the FREEHAND DESIGNER to do your drawings and sketches.

This means that an Architect or Engineer can draw a layout on-site that is so neat and accurate that the process of redrawing at the office can be omitted completely.

Many cases have come to our attention where the FREEHAND DESIGNER has been reckoned to have paid for itself, in full, every time it has been used.

Existing customers have said they would gladly pay 10 times the list price to replace the FREEHAND DESIGNER, because once you have used it, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it.


The FREEHAND DESIGNER is made of microscopic pyramids. Each cm of the FREEHAND DESIGNER consists of 400 of those pyramids. Your pen or pencil is guided by the pyramids through the drawing paper. Therefore you can draw horizontal or vertical lines easily. Due to the special shape of the pyramids you can use any pen or pencil you like, however for the best results, a high quality biro such as the Pilot BP-S fine or the Pental Superb is recommended. If using a pencil a 0.5mm H or 2H lead is recommended.


Put the FREEHAND DESIGNER under the first page of your sketchpad (see fig1). Put the pen on the paper and start drawing with a moderate pressure. Always hold the pen in the direction in which you want to draw the lines (see fig2) and hold the pen in an upright position . Even lines of different thickness are no problem at all, just draw one line next to another, because there is only 0.5mm between the pyramids you can draw very thin or thick lines. You can use paper up to 120gsm. thickness. As there is no contact with the pen or pencil the FREEHAND DESIGNER has virtually an unlimited life span. However the FREEHAND DESIGNER should not be left in extreme temperatures i.e on radiators or in direct sunlight.

The FREEHAND DESIGNER is not available in the shops
and is only available through Straight Lines Trading Company Ltd
TEL NO. 020 8906 8248